And on the 8th Day God Created Insurance

16 Aug

orig. published 10/6/10

Lets play devils advocate here, say you have a home and all the things that
go with that home, you pay for your taxes and you pay for you utilities and for
your insurance but one month lets say that you forgot to send in the home owners
insurance payment.  Most people would not think anything of it, they would catch
the mistake the next month or sometime during the month that had passed and call
up the company and make the payment, no harm no fowl.  But, lets say for
argument sake that you forgot to make the payment on the 15th of the month when
its due and on the 30th your house burns down.  Is it the responsibility of the
insurance company to still pay for the damages to your home even though you
failed in your responsibility to keep your payments up?
A similar situation
has arisen in rural Tennessee where a man’s home burned to the ground last week
while the local city fire department stood by and watched.  Why you might ask,
would the fire department stand by and watch, because there is no county fire
department and so to help the citizens of the rural area the city of South
Fulton offered their services, but the services came at a cost of $75/yr.  A fee
that it seems Mr. Cranick forgot to pay.
Now, I realize that I am about to
sound like a heartless bitch here, and so be it but I pay my taxes and I realize
that if I don’t pay my taxes that I am no longer entitled to the same privledges
as the people who do pay their taxes.  Was the city of South Fulton, Tenneessee
at fault here for allowing the house to burn to the ground, I don’t think so, I
believe that had the owner maintained his responsibilites then he would have at
least a burnt out shell of a house instead of a heap of rubble but that is what
being a responsible adult is about.  I go to work every day, I pay my bills on
time and when for some reason I am unable to I make it a point to call the
company and explain the situation and ask for an extension, I know when all of
my bills are due as well as when my mother’s bills are due and on top of that I
know when all of the bills are due at work too, this is information that is
critical to me so I make it a point to keep up with it.
Now, it is reported
that Mr. Cranick offered to pay the fee, was recorded on the 911 call saying
this, but that’s like telling that insurance company that you forgot to pay one
month that yes my house burned down last night and I know that I neglected to
pay my bill on time but if I pay it now then we should be square, no harm no
fowl right?  Wrong!! What if you forgot to pay your life insurance premium one
month and you kicked the bucket a few days later, that company is under no
obligation to pay your beneficiary because you failed to maintain your end of
the agreement.  Its the same deal here, regardless of if you life in a city
where your taxes are all rolled into one and when you pay that sum at the
beginning of the year for property tax that includes a fee for the service of
fire and rescue personnel, well in the country these things are not combined,
before the city of South Fulton offered the service these residents were on
their own, if the house caught on fire it was up to them to put it out.  Look at
this fee as a sort of insurance policy, you hope to God that you never have to
use it but you thank Him when you need it and have it.
And now that I mention
God, that’s a good topic because it seems that my Christianity could be
questioned by having this mentality.  The Bible says that He helps them who help
themselves.  See, its easy to find scripture in the Bible that can justify your
position on something meanwhile you neglect to look at the scripture that
justify how the opposition looks.  Yes, we are to take care of each other and we
are to care for the poor and the needy but the meaning of that is that the
church is to help the poor and needy from the coffers of collection from the
congregation.  So, when I pass the “homeless” guy on the corner and drive by my
conscious doesn’t feel a bit of remorse because there are places for them to go
and get the help that they need, the problem is many of them (note, I said many,
not all) refuse the help because it comes with stings attached, maybe they have
to listen to a sermon for an hour, maybe they would have to go to rehab for drug
or alcohol abuse, maybe they might have to take the help offered to help find
them a job so that they can become productive members of society.  I bust my but
everyday and pay taxes from my wage to help pay for some woman to keep popping
kids out so that she can get more state assistance or for the food stamps that
someone sells for cash so that they can go buy their fix, I know the tricks, I
have been around enough of the freeloaders to know how to navigate my way
through the system.  I have no problem paying in to help the people who really
need it but its funny to me how when I needed the help or when my mom needed the
help we were turned away.  What are we suppose to do when the people who REALLY
need help are turned away for foolish reasons while thousands free load and take
Yes, its the Christian thing to do to help your neighbors because
that is what Christ did so where were the neighbors who were so concerned about
their property catching on fire when this man needed help?  He is out there with
a water hose trying to put out the fire himself while he neighbors stood by
watched too only concerned with their own property.  That argument runs both
ways, had the county had NO fire service this would have been what would have
happened anyways, the idea was that the neighbors banded together to help out
and that is what should have happened here.
The moral of the story here
children is that when you fail to uphold your end of the
contract/obligation/bargin the other party is no longer responsible for theirs.
Its part of growing up and being a responsible productive member of society.  Do
I feel bad for this guy because his home burned down, sure I do but hopefully he
remembered to send in the check to Allstate so he can be in good hands.


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