Bridalplasty – A Study in Human Dignity

16 Aug

orig. published 12/6/10

Today I watched the epitome of what is wrong with this world, Bridalplasty.
12 woman compete for various cosmetic procedures in order to have the dream
wedding.  I am like most women, I dreamed of the Princess Diana wedding with the
long train and the whole world watching but never in a million years did I ever
think that our society would stoop to this level.

The premise of this show is these 12 engaged women leave their lives and
betrothed behind for the duration of the show, the each complete a plastic
surgery “wish list” and as they win wedding inspired challenges they would be
rewarded with one of the procedures on their list.  The winner of the show would
win an assortment of prizes, including the remainder of her procedure “wish
list.”  They would not see their fiance again until the day of the wedding when
the big reveal would occur.

The shallowness of the E Network has hit an all time low, as if Dr. 90210 was
not bad enough now they feel the need to encourage an already self absorbed,
neurotic segment of society into believing that there really is something wrong
with themselves.  Why is it so bad to accept yourself as God made you, as you
are?  Why do we loathe ourselves so badly that we must always feel the need to
change something about our appearance?  I wonder if any of these girls has
considered that maybe when the new, “improved” version of themselves is revealed
that maybe the fiance will not be as attracted to them?  And on that note, how
is it that we are always taught that we can not expect anyone to love us until
we love ourselves, flaws and all, but somehow these women have found love and it
is obvious that they don’t love themselves because otherwise they would not be
so gungho to change themselves.

The first episode aired on November 28, 2010, fortunately, to low ratings,
each girl had the standard bikini/no makeup photo taken for the before picture
and it is blown up to a life size version.  The challenge is to complete a
puzzle, the pieces of which are what each girl would look like in her wedding
dress after all the “wish list” procedures have been completed.  As each girl
completes her puzzle she wins a syringe of what I can only imagine to be Botox
and a trip downstairs to an Injectables Party where the doctor and nurses are
standing by with facial treatments and botox.  The two girls that lose are then
marched down and, by a show of hands, voted off the show.  As if the losing
contestant is not already feeling low the host, Shanna Moakler, gives the knife
a final twist and informs the loser that “Your wedding will still go on but it
just won’t be perfect.”

Seriously, is it wise to tell a self concious woman that her wedding is not
going to be perfect because she has lost her chance to have plastic surgery
done?  And beyond that, think about the message that we are sending young girls
out there, your wedding will only be perfect if you look perfect, that you will
never have a truely happy life until you are physically perfect, your
signifigant other will never find you attractive until you are perfect.

Another point of contention I have is the doctor performing these
procedures.  I am I mistaken or isn’t there a code of ethics that doctors have
to abide by or did this go out the window with sanity too?  The principal
objective of the medical profession is to render services to humanity with full
respect for human dignity and human dignity is not respected when you are
constantly sending the message that their is something wrong with you.  In an
interview on the “Early Show” the shows surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow, defends that
he is not feeding into the negative messages, that he is in fact turning the
camera on what’s happening across the board in the United States.”

Dr. Dubrow, and believe me I use the term doctor very loosely, my question to
you is this, just because we as a nation have jumped on the quick fix band wagon
does it make it right?  You have a certain obligation of integrity that you have
now lost in my opinion.  Its like my mother used to say, if everyone else jumped
off a cliff would you do it too?  Just because its popular does not make it
right and some where along the way we have lost sight of what is right and wrong
here.  In the interview Dr. Dubrow and Ms. Moakler go on to say that this is
entertainment and that it should not be taken so seriously, that every women
wants to look perfect on her wedding day, that lots of women go on special diets
or workout regiments or grow their hair out before their wedding, basically
boiling this down to something blaise and perfectly normal to do.  It was the
almost blase attitude that they had that really got my blood to boiling.

What is wrong with an uplifting show, one that shows confidant women or all
shapes and sizes living happy productive lives in a society that is so focused
on the ideal of perfect and how they deal with the negative stereotypes in a
healthy way?  What makes us individuals, and wonderful at that, is our
differences, our flaws make us beautiful.  To call them flaws is really a
mistake they should really be called strengths because that is what makes us

What it boils down to is this, if the other person is marrying you for who
you really are then there is no procedure that will ever make your wedding day
more perfect then it could ever be.  Marrying someone is not about the ceremony
its about professing your love and devotion to one another, its about binding
yourselves to each other, if your partner loves you, truly loves you, you are
and will forever be perfect in their eyes.  What is more important though is
that you love yourself, unconditionally and irrevocably, if you have that love
then you will forever be perfect in your own eyes and that is the one love that
really matters.


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