16 Aug

I was cutting through the living room to get something to drink earlier and
mom was watching Pawn Stars and the item they had on caught my attention so I
paused for a moment to see what the outcome was.  This lady had come across this
Faberge Black Widow Pendant, not the prettiest thing in the world but who knows
what it might have been back in the day.

Rick is going on about the history of the pendant and then asked the lady
what she was trying get for it, she was thinking maybe around $2000.  At a
normal pawn shop they would have jumped all over this and ushered her out the
door laughing all the way to the bank, however Rick admits that he has a
“conscious” and offered her $15,000.  The lady is needless to say dumbfounded at
the $13k jump in price but instead of jumping up and down and screaming she
turns and counters with $17,500.

Rick’s flabergasted response is, “excuse me?”

Her response is “OK, $17,000”

This woman who is looking at making a pure profit on this pendant and thought
that she was only going to get maybe a couple grand but her greed took over.
She eventually agreed that Rick was a good guy and accepted the $15,000.  What
was the reason for trying for that extra money, why not be content?


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