Has the World Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

16 Aug

orig. published 3/1/11

Its official, the world has gone to hell in a hand basket!

What, you may ask, has got me so riled up this week?  As I watched the news
this evening as I was having dinner I watched a report of a man in Ft. Worth,
Texas who was shot by a police officer last night.  Now wait, before you pass
judgement, hear me out.  A Ft. Worth police officer, as part of an undercover
drug investigation, pulled over an SUV driven by a 32 year old man, a passenger
and his 3 daughters in the back seat.  Ft. Worth police were asked to step in on
behalf of undercover officers who believed that the driver of the car was
involved in a drug trafficking ring.   When the good officer asked the driver to
step out of the car as he was wanted on 4 outstanding warrants, the driver,
Charal Thomas, reportedly told the officer that he was not going back to jail,
locked the door, and began to roll up the window, with the officers arm caught
in it, and hit the gas.  the officer was able to stand on the running board of
the SUV but the driver was unresponsive to the plea’s to pull over so the
officer did the only thing he could in the position he was in, he pulled his gun
and shot the driver of the SUV, killing him.

While I am saddened to know that the children in the backseat had to witness
the death of their father there was really no other way around it appears that,
by the actions of the driver, someone was bound to die.  The officer has stated
that he was aware that the children were in the backseat and took every
precaution to ensure their safety during the ensuring events.

What has me just pissed off is the reaction of Mr. Thomas’ friends who
gathered to protest his death saying that, “He’s been a calm dude. He don’t
bother nobody. Loved his kids. Unnecessary death to me.”

Really….a calm dude who didn’t bother anybody?  We are talking about a man
who was convicted of drug charges in 1997 and spent the better part of the next
10 years in prison before he was paroled, a man who investigators were watching
in connection with a drug trafficking ring, a man who, when asked to step out of
his vehicle, instead rolled his window up with some one’s arm inside it and took
off  knowing that sure death waited the person clinging to the running board of
the vehicle for his life.  This seems like such an ideal citizen to me.

I respect that your loved one is gone and I am sorry for the loss but
seriously, everyone involved knew that this is the possible consequence for the
life style that he chose to live.  How anyone can describe this as an
unnecessary death is beyond me but I would sure love to know how it could have
been avoided.

When did our common sense become so askewed that a police officer is the bad
guy for doing his job while everyone defends the poor, defenseless drug dealer.
Tell me, what has become of our country and world?

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