Have you ever had a Paranormal Experience

16 Aug

I’ve had several Paranormal experiences some minor, some pretty major, some I
don’t even really count as paranormal but b/c it can’t really be explained I
guess I almost have to chalk it up to paranormal.

The one that really sticks out in my memory several years ago my friend and
neighbor was having some issues with something that seemed to be attacking her
infant son, they were at theirs whits end when one night me and several other
people were over visiting and things started happening, its been a while so I
don’t remember all of what happened but they were able to get the baby out of
his room and several of us started to do a blessing over the child and the

I stepped outside to say a blessing over the outside of the home, I was alone
when I felt something almost stab me in my back, it was a sharp pain for several
moments when my boyfriend at the time came outside and saw me clutching my back
and brought me inside.  On my back were several long scratches that looked like
4 finger nail scratches deep in my back.

That was the most in my face experience I have ever had but there have been
others, the scratches went away in a few days but that memory still stays with
me so needless to say, yes, I believe in ghosts and demons and angels and I
believe they come in all shapes and forms.


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