How Much is Too Much?

16 Aug

90 pounds in 90 days seems a bit unsafe to me but that is what one North
Texas teen lost as a result of the MTV hit “I used to be Fat.”  I must commend
her on her effort and will power and follow through, that is more than I can say
for alot of people but its not the dramatic weight loss that concerns me when it comes to
this story, its the fact that she is still not satisfied.

After 3 months of strenuous diet and exercise Marci Levine is down to a
size 6 and a slim 160 lbs but yet she still wants more,

“I feel really good. I’ve never felt this way in my life,” Levine
said. “I’ve never been a     small person, and I still have weight to lose, and
I still want to lose 25 pounds. And I     just feel… I feel really ecstatic
about it.” Levine says.

How much is too much?  I’ve made it my goal this year to motivate my
friends and family not to lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle.  I’m so
far beyond disgusted with the multi-billion dollar diet and weight loss industryand the message
that it sends to an already self conscious segment of our population.  Its not
just the diet industry, its the media, its the government, its everything
really, the fixation of appearance is so overwhelming that even when people
reach that healthy point in their lives they are still not content with

What is so wrong with loving you because of who you are, who I am is not
defined by what I look like on the outside, even the ugliest person on the
outside can have the most beautiful soul and that is what matters in the end,
looks fade but who you are in your soul is forever.  Why not take just a
fraction of the money that we spend on weight loss and improving our bodies and
spend it on improving our souls?  Why can’t we have shows that celebrate strong,
self confident women (and men for that matter, this is not a gender exclusive
issue, there are many, many men out there who battle with the same issues as we
women do on a daily basis), if I had had that kind of role model growing up then
it is very possible that I would not have struggled with my self confidence to
the extent that I did.

I think that we are all beautiful and wonderful the way that God made us and
the sooner that we all realize that there is nothing wrong with us the better
off we will all be, no matter what, the one thing we gotta believe in is


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