How Much is Your Life Worth

16 Aug

orig. published 5/26/2011

You know, people never cease to amaze me.

Joplin, Oklahoma City, Tuscaloosa…Over the past few weeks we have seem some
of the worst spring storms in years.  So far this has been THE deadliest spring
storm season since 1953.  Just today, in Piedmont, Oklahoma, the body of a
toddler was found, marking the 10 death from a series of storms that rolled
through Monday.  Just this past Tuesday my house had its own tornado scare as a
series of 8 tornadoes hit the DFW metroplex area, it appears that it was just
straight line winds that caused some severe damage within a mile of my house but
that next morning as I drove to work and surveyed the damage it sure looked like
a small tornado had some though.

It just so happens that these storms coincided with the season finale of
Glee.  Oh the horror!!  So, of course all but about 15 minitues or so was
preempted to show live storm coverage and give warnings to people in the line of
fire.  Now, I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Dallas, they
don’t just break into programming for just anything.  They try to cut only in
commercial breaks in an effort to show as much programming as possible and if
they need to make an urgent announcement the method of choice is the crawl along
the bottom of the screen.  This night though, the tornado’s won out over

And oh were the viewers pissed!

The local fox affiliate was inundated with calls from people who frustrated
that they missed the season finale of one of the most popular television shows
in recent history.  During the next day’s afternoon broadcast they
explained where to go to see the missed episode and apologized for the
inconvenience; they then played some of the calls that came in the previous
evening.  “Come on people, we have all seen rain before”

Seriously!  I think we had a little more than rain that night.  Hail the size
of softballs, tornadoes, torrential downpours, this was for sure a time to take
cover.  Let me refer back to the toddler that they found today in Oklahoma, is
your child’s life worth the season finale of Glee?  If it’s not then someone
from Family Services ought to pay a visit to your house very soon.  I can
understand the disappointment of missing a favorite show, and I can understand
the frustration of a network having “one time only” permission to broadcast the
episode.  The next night I lost power with 10 minutes left in the American Idol
finale and had to wait till the next day to see the final moments online (even
though my cousin ruined the results by texting me with an amazed, “WTH,
SCOTTY?!?!?!”) so I can feel your pain there.  Yet the night of the Glee finale
I found myself in the hallway taking cover, praying and listening to the sirens
wailing outside my window.

How did our priorities get so askewed that tornados and massive hail equal
just another spring storm and prompts us to complain about such trivial things
as a television show?

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