I Miss Mayberry

16 Aug

orig. published 10/26/10

I used to joke around after the end of a bad relationship that next time I
was going to do a background check on the potential beau, little did I know at
the time that it would soon become almost a necessity to do so.  I have to
wonder what ever happened to the days gone by when a man’s word meant something
and you never had to worry about someone being honest with you?  What happened
that made our society so screwed up that we distrust everyone we meet, its no
longer innocent until proven guilty, but quite the opposite, guilty until proven
innocent and that is no way to carry on a relationship.  We can’t make our new
SO pay for the sins of the old and not expect them to stick around for any
length of time.

Why is it now just so blaise to run a background check on someone, when did
we stop demanding the best of people, when did we stop expecting people to be
honest, stand up individuals who stood behind what they thought and said?  Is
there any chance that we may again someday return to those bygone days of
chivalry and respect and when will we stop treating each other with the same
basic respect that we demand ourselves?


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