I see Pancho the Tent Maker Works Here

16 Aug

When did someone decided that clothing should be made in certain sizes only?
Who’s decision was that anyways?  I would sure love to meet him, whoever he was,
so I could give him a good Gibbs slap to the back of the head.  Until recently
shopping was something that I hated to do and to some degree I still do, its
such a hassle to have to go to a store and try on a bunch of clothes that won’t
fit just to leave frustrated.  If only designers understood what us in the fat
community have known for years, we have money and we will spend it to look
I have been big my whole life, as a child I can remember in the
second grade being unable to find clothes to fit right and having to wear my
mom’s ugly polyester gray and navy pencil skirts to school while all the other
girls wore jeans and cute tops, it was embarrassing to say the very least.  I
finally grew out of that awkward period and was able to find some clothes that
would fit, mostly jeans (which I was completely fine with as I never wanted to
wear another skirt as long as I lived) and sweatshirts.  Everyday was frump day
and then one day, I think I was about 16, I was at the mall and discovered this
store, Ashely Stewart, and realized that there were some cute things to wear out
there, I bought my first ever shirt from the mall and I thought I was hot.  I
wore the hell out of that shirt, well into my early twenties and along the way I
found stores like Lane Bryant which was one of its kind at the time.  Not every
thing was so easy, formal events were horrible, my junior homecoming, I went
with a girlfriend of mine and wore the only thing that I could find that was
remotely cute, a dark blue mother of the bride dress and these hideous black
mules that made my legs look like tree trucks, I think I have successfully
burned all evidence of that horrific ensemble, but my point is this, why are we
not deserving of cute clothes too?
Today we are lucky to find stores like
Torrid and Loop 18 that market to the heavy set juniors crowd, and yes, I admit
that as a 31 year old woman I find myself in these stores more often than not,
most of the fashions I find there are a little over the top for me at my age but
I luck out better there than I do at mu mus-r-us, what I affectionately refer to
Lane Bryant as now.  I am a simple girl, I have simple taste, I much prefer to
wear jeans to a dress any day, I am about as laid back as they come but when I
walk into some store like LB I am just at a loss, they can’t seem to stick with
a good thing, but then again I think most stores are that way.  For example, the
day that I discovered that there was more to jeans than just straight leg /high
waist was a glorious day and I have been addicted to low rise boot cut jeans
ever since, LB did that too me but she betrayed me just a few years later by
changing the design and material on those $39.50 babies and they just never fit
the same again.  I moved on to Old Navy, which is my current obsession thanks to
the Twilight movies, and fell in love with their jeans.  Now, I had to drive
about 40 miles away from my house to find Old Navy jeans in my size as there was
only one store in the area at the time that sold women’s plus but, I saved $10
on the jeans so it all equaled out in the end and I have never been opposed to
driving for something I want.  But, soon they would betray me too, no only did
they change the design and fabric on their jeans as well but they pulled all
woman’s plus sizes out of the stores and made it “exclusively online.”
Online shopping is a whole other can of worms all together and I
would like to give the person who came up with that brilliant idea, you guessed
it, a Gibbs smack to the back of the head.
My point here is, I would love to
be able to walk into a store, any store, and pick up an item and think that
would be cute on me and buy it, but I can’t.  Brands like Aeropostale and
A&F have decided that I am not worthy of wearing their clothes, which is a
shame b/c I would kill for just a stupid Aeropostale logo tee in my size, but
they don’t make them and if by chance they do, who ever designed the pattern for
it deserves one of those Gibbs smacks too because why would we mark something as
XL when it obviously won’t fit anyone who weighs over a buck 5 is beyond me.  I
deserve to be able to show off my curves, I don’t think any self respecting fat
person would consider wearing a pair of daisy dukes out in public but a pair of
jeans that fit right and a cute top would be nice, I hate having to walk around
in a top that is designed to be 4 sized too big on me and have the same pattern
that my grandmothers sofa did  in 1943 but solid colors would be nice, things
that are fitting to our shape and remember designers that just because I wear a
size 26 does not mean that I have 52EEE boobs.
I could rant about this for
hours but I have to reign myself in here, its a simple leap to make, just
because I am fat does not mean that I am some how less deserving of anything, I
am no different from you skinny minnies out there, I breathe and love and cry
just like you do, I would just like to do it in better clothes than I do


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