Introduction to The Fat Files

16 Aug

The last acceptable discrimination in this world is hardly the phrase to
describe size ism, just today I found and shared four different articles from
yahoo on my face book alone that touched on the topic of weight and society.
Ninety years ago it was appropriate behaviour to discriminate against African
Americans, maybe sixty or seventy years before that it was the Native Americans,
over the years numerous groups have faced this same adversity and one would have
thought that after years of bigotry and hate that we would have evolved as a
civilization enough to realize that our differences are what make us great…one
would have thought wrong.  The only true difference between then and now is that
then the persecutors wore white robes and covered their faces or carried
bayonets and slaughtered hundreds of innocent people for just being different
and now we get to read about how disgusting we are on a daily basis thanks to
the world wide web.  Thank God today we have laws and have at least advanced in
our civilization, for the most part, to prevent this type of senseless killings,
and when they do happen, again for the most part, justice is served.  I could
never imagine having to live in that kind of fear for just wanting a drink of
water from a water fountain and thankfully I never will.
In the renaissance
plump woman were considered beautiful and earthy, it was a sign of wealth and
status, today however it is a sign of gluttony and laziness to most and yes, in
some cases this may be so, but for the vast majority of obese people our weight
has been something that we have struggled with for years, maybe even most of our
lives, it was not a choice that we made, any more than one can chose to be black
or white, tall or short.  There are numerous reasons for obesity and even more
“cures” for it.  It seems like everyone has an opinion on the topic and everyone
has a solution for it, but if that were the case then why is it still an
“epidemic”?  Personally I have tried probably every diet under the sun, the
grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Over eaters
Anonymous, you name it and I have probably done it.
At my heaviest I was
350 lbs, I have yo-yo’d up and down countless times, losing 10 lbs here 20 lbs
there always concerned with what I looked like and not with my health.  I spent
most of my adolescence trying to blend into the crowd and most of my twenties
ashamed of myself.  I took offense to every little thing, I was needless to say,
not comfortable in my skin.  If appearances are all that matter to you then by
that standard I am a slob, I made a conscious decision about 5 years ago that I
would no longer be obsessed with my appearance, that I, as a person, was so much
more than just a face in the crowd.  With this new acceptance of myself I found
a confidence that I had never before knew I had, I was no longer the fat kid on
the playground hiding from my tormentors I was now a proud, confidant, beautiful
woman, the kind of woman that I had always wanted to be growing up but had no
role models to base it on.
In this blog I hope to enlighten those who feel
disgusted or irritated by our existence and empower those of us who have been
bullied and beaten down by the media and society and the narrow minded,
unrealistic stereotype that is projected upon us from such an early age.  I plan
to write on such injustices as the lack of appropriate role models for all, not
just the heavy, why it seems that because we are fat we are only allotted
Pancho’s and mumus to wear, where in the heck did we come up with these names we
call each other, why do we assume that heavy people are unhealthy and skinny
people are and more.  I hope to open eyes and hearts, I hope to open minds.  I
am not naive enough to think that I will change the world with this blog but I
hope to maybe touch just one person and maybe that one person can touch another
person.  To me, if just one person sees that we are sooo much more than just our
physical form then to me that is enough.


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