Is your favorite Color accurate

16 Aug

I have always liked taking those little quizzes in Cosmo and Glamour, I’ve
never put much stock into them though since they are so easily rigged if you
really wanted to.  I love to answer questions, one of my favorite games was
always 50 questions, used to drive my mother crazy with it, I think it is one of
the things that I always liked best about meeting new people was asking the
10,000 questions to get to know them better.  Anything that would expand my
knowledge base about something…

Yesterday I read an article on yahoo (I realize that I am probably on yahoo
way too much since most of my blogs end up coming from some story on there)
anyways, the article was about what your favorite color says about you.  In a
eery coincidence my favorite color was almost too close for comfort.  Had
someone been following me around spying on me and then ran back to write the
tell all about it?

What it represents: Purple
evokes the energy of illusion, imagination and fantasy. Or should we say
purrrrple? Purple tends to inspire coyness, romance, flirtation and
teasing — it builds anticipation with a dash of playfulness. The downside of
purple is unrealistic expectations. Is it easier to live in your fantasy world
than the real world? Some purple-lovers prefer it.

people who love it:
If you love purple, you can be an imaginative
romantic or prefer imaginary romance, depending on how you feel.”


Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a HOPELESS romantic, I still hold
out hope that Edward Cullen exists out there somewhere, I have one of the
wildest imaginations of anyone I know and spend most of my time lost in
daydreams, because, lets face it, some of my best stories come from my vivid
imagination.   But do I really prefer to live in my fantasy world?

I know that sometimes it is much easier for me to exist only in my fantasy
world, I believe some may call it schizophrenia, lol, but there is a certain
calm and safety there, of course there is also a certain sadness that exists in
that world also.

I am curious though, how acurate is your favorite color?  Am I the only


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