Like a Blind Man seeing the Sun For the First Time

16 Aug

Just a few of my favorites or some that touched me in deeply…

“There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half,” he
explains …”Sam did love Leah. But when he saw Emily, that didn’t matter
anymore. Sometimes . . . we don’t exactly know why . . . we find our mates that

It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves.
When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She
does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be
anything for her… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a
protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother.
, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.176

But I’ll never see anyone else, Bella. I only see you. Even when I close my
eyes and try to see something else. Ask Quil or Embry. It drives them all
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.177

You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 8, p.195

The way he stared at her! It was like a blind man seeing the sun for the
first time. Like a collector finding an undiscovered Da Vinci, like a mother
looking into the face of her newborn child.
, Eclipse, Chapter 11, p.242

I’m not that girl, Edward. The one who gets married right out of
high school like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend!
, Eclipse, Chapter 12, p.275

If I had found you, there isn’t a doubt in my mind how I would have
proceeded. I was that boy, who would have — as soon as I discovered that you
were what I was looking for — gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure
your hand. I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn’t have
quite the same connotations.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 12, p.277

While he slept, every trace of defensiveness and bitterness disappeared and
suddenly he was the boy who had been my very best friend before all the werewolf
nonsense had gotten in the way. He looked so much younger. He looked like my
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 14, p.323

I’m in love with you, Bella. Bella, I love you. And I want you to pick me
instead of him. I know you don’t feel that way, but I need the truth out there
so that you know your options. I wouldn’t want a miscommunication to stand in
our way.
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 14, p.327

When he left, you spent all your energy holding on to him. You could be happy
if you let go. You could be happy with me.
, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.333

I don’t want to be happy with anyone but him.
, Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.333

The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one
person is the wrong thing for someone else. So… good luck figuring that
Charlie Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 16, p.363

We’ll go to Vegas — you can wear old jeans and we’ll go to the chapel with
the drive-through window. I just want it to be official — that you belong to me
and no one else.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.456

Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever.
Will you marry me?
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.460

There were many things I wanted to say, some of them not nice at all, and
others more disgustingly gooey and romantic than he probably dreamed I was
capable of.
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.460

I’m not saying you don’t love him. I’m not stupid. But it’s possible to love
more than one person at a time, Bella. I’ve seen it in action.
, Eclipse, Chapter 21, p.481

You don’t have the faintest idea how much I wish I could do what you’re doing
for her, mongrel.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.492

She reminded me of what it did to her when I left — what it still does to her
when I leave. She feels horrible about bringing that up, but she’s right. I’ll
never be able to make up for that, but I’ll never stop trying anyway.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 22, p.499

Jacob was right. He’d been right all along. He was more than just my friend.
That’s why it was so impossible to tell him goodbye — because I was in love with
him. Too. I loved him, much more than I should, and yet, still nowhere near
enough. I was in love with him, but it was not enough to change anything; it was
only enough to hurt us both more. To hurt him worse than I ever had.
, Eclipse, Chapter 23, p.528

When I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you
back up again. That was bound to leave its mark — on both of you. I’m not sure
those kinds of stitches dissolve on their own. I can’t blame either of you for
something I made necessary. I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn’t let me
escape the consequences.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 24, p.534

I don’t care that it’s cold here. I don’t care that I stink like a dog right
now. Make me forget how awful I am. Make me forget him. Make me forget my own
name. Fight back!
, Eclipse, Chapter 24, p.535

You said I could have any part of you I wanted. I want this part. I want
every part.
, Eclipse, Chapter 24, p.535

I’m sorry. I can’t really empathize. My first memory is of seeing
Jasper’s face in my future; I always knew that he was where my life was headed.
But I can sympathize. I’m so sorry you have to choose between two good
Alice Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.585

If only I could be struck by lightning and be split in two. Preferably
painfully. For the first time, giving up being human felt like a true sacrifice.
Like it might be too much to lose.
, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.589

I’m exactly right for you, Bella. It would have been effortless for us —
comfortable, easy as breathing. I was the natural path your life would have
taken… If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters
and no magic…
Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.599

Two futures, two soul mates… too much for any one person.
, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.599

He’s like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can’t live without him now.
It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have
been the air, the sun.
, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.599

I’ll always be waiting in the wings, Bella. You’ll always have that spare
option if you want it.
, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.602

My hindsight seemed unbearably clear tonight. I could see every mistake I’d
made, every bit of harm I’d done, the small things and the big things. Each pain
I’d caused Jacob, each wound I’d given Edward, stacked up into neat piles that I
could not ignore or deny.
, Eclipse, Chapter 27, p.608

Bella, I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to make everyone else happy.
And I don’t care about anyone else’s feelings. I only need you to be
happy. Don’t worry about breaking the news to Alice. I’ll take care of it. I
promise she won’t make you feel guilty.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 27, p.617

We’re doing this your way. Because my way doesn’t work. I call you stubborn,
but look at what I’ve done. I’ve clung with such idiotic obstinacy to
my idea of what’s best for you, though it’s only hurt you. Hurt you so deeply,
time and time again. I don’t trust myself anymore. You can have happiness your
way. My way is always wrong.
Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 27, p.617


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