Love and Tolerance

16 Aug

“They are ugly, unsexy, undignified, and above all, very good at making
excuses for their sorry fat arses!”
This quote was a comment in response to
an article on yahoo about an upcoming plus size fashion show in New York next
week.  I shuddered to read this statement and all the old insecurities that it
brought flooding back with it.  As I scrolled though page after page of comments
ranging from the highly supportive to the highly offensive I was reminded again
of just how far we have left to go in this country, well really in this
Its just amazing how we are taught at such a young age to hate
diversity, weather that be due to size or skin color or religious differences or
anything else.  We have been so brain washed into believing that what we see in
the media, on TV, in the magazines is beautiful that it breeds this kind of
ignorance and eventually breeds violence and hatred.
The people who call us
fat now are the same ones who did when we were children, the same ones who
picked on us on the playground, the same ones whose words and actions tormented
us well into adulthood and even caused some of us thousands in therapy trying to
figure out what we should have known all along, that there was nothing wrong
with us.  We were and are unique and beautiful and deserving of love and
Still, after all of this time and work, all it takes is one
ignorant statement like this to make so many of us cringe in fear.  Even me, as
I read this hurtful comment, had a brief moment of remembrance of what it was
like to be that scared little girl on the playground, that lonely young woman
home alone on a Friday night, that angry adult frustrated by one after another
failed attempt.  It makes me remember just how far I have come, just a few years
ago something like this would have sent me into a breakdown but now it simply
reminds me that still, after all of this time, we don’t understand anymore than
we did years ago.
We are all beautiful, it does not matter if we are a size
00 or a size 44, black or white, short or tall, young or old because these are
not the things that truly define us.  Who we really are is who we are inside our
souls, its the caring and the supportive natures that make us beautiful.  Its
how we react when we see a hurt stray animal on the street, the honest to
goodness down on their luck homeless person on the corner begging for change,
the family that lost everything they had when their house went under water, the
people pleading for help dangling from the window of a building moments before
it collapses into a heap of rubble on the ground.  The shell is just that, a
shell, a vehicle used to house the soul, we are not a world of people but a
world of souls, we all love and hurt, laugh and cry, feel and need the very same
things.  It saddens me to see that there are still ugly souls left in this
world, some who gather great joy and pleasure in others discomfort and pain and
its for this reason that I cry when someone says :
“They need to stop pigging
out and work on a REAL body for a women.
Size 14 is NOT Beautiful!!!!
I wonder again just why there is so much hatred in the world, so
much sadness and fear and why we are so incapable of loving the soul and not the


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