My Favorite Phrase in a Forigen Language

16 Aug

Well, if you know me you know that I am a massive Twilight fan and while
looking for something to write about today I was on the featured questions page
and found one that had not been selected yet and decided that I really wanted to
answer this question, so I may be jumping the gun but here it is…

“Que Quowle” (k-we k-WOW-le)
which means:
“Stay with me forever”

Big shock right that I would pick that line from New Moon but every time I
hear Jacob say that to Bella I just can’t even explain what it does to me.  Now
I always thought that he was saying I love you with in Quileute is Nayeli
[Nay-ellii] but knowing now that what he really said is “Stay with me forever” I
think I really like that better, I mean, I love you is so over used and
unoriginal IMO, but to ask her to stay with him forever, now, that is something
you almost never hear and with that and his emotion to it that makes it my
favorite saying in a foreign language.

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