My Favorite Time of Year

16 Aug

Fall stirs thoughts of family and home, warmth and love.  Fall is my favorite
season, in Texas it means it is almost bearable outside, the sweltering, muggy
heat has given way to the breeze and the clouds.  Its wonderful patio weather
and most days you will find me having lunch with a friend outside allowing the
wind to ruffle my hair.  You may find me at the lake sitting on a dock somewhere
with my dad’s fishing pole and a book for in between, I could sit there for
hours letting the water take me away, if I relax enough I can almost feel the
gentle swishing of the water carrying the dock and me along with it.  I might be
at the dog park playing with my step dog watching her cut up with the bigger
dogs, she makes me laugh sometimes, she always thinks that she is bigger than
she is but there is always another dog there that will put her back in her
place.  She is nothing like me or my old Abby Monster, we were both kinda of
loners, she preferred to roam the fence line on her own, Chole just wants to be
out there in the middle of everything.

Fall reminds me that its almost time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, Charlie
Brown and Garfield specials on TV, Martha Stewart decorating and the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade, its haunted houses and hay rides….aah, hay rides, one
of my favorites, there is nothing like loading up the back of the trailer full
of itchy hay and riding around a dark field in the middle of nowhere and having
people scare you senseless, its the best!

Some of my favorite memories of fall are of me and my old friend Mel driving
around on Lawson Rd. or out by Lake Ray Hubbard on some dark long abandoned
road, the windows down and the smell of methane gas filtering in through the
van.  We talked about lots of things on those car rides, movie plots and life,
lost loves and regrets, hopes and dreams for the future, but mostly movie plots,
lol.  Those were some of the best nights I’ve ever had, I miss them sometimes
when life gets too much.

My favorite thing about Fall, at least right now that is, is that its finally
slowed down at work and I can finally take a breath and focus on all the other
things that I have neglected over the summer, like the stack of books by my bed
that I have collected all summer but have never found the time to read, all the
notes and ideas that I have had for stories that I want to write, the camera on
the table that is collecting dust because it has simply been too hot to be
outside looking for beauty in hidden places.  Now that its cooler and everyone
can put off the repairs till next year they just open the windows and let in the
air and breathe a sigh of relief that they have survived another Texas

To me, fall is happiness and lightness, its comfort and love, its letting go
of your cares and worries and just being, its peace and quite, fall is simply
the best.


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