Parental Warning

16 Aug

I seem to always be a little behind the times and I guess this is no
exception.  I was browsing though the recommendations and posts on the wall here
on xanga and was caught by a blog on healthkicker about this book about fat
acceptance, here is the link in case you want to read the blog,

The blogger’s name is No More ThinSpos, I have subscribed to this blog for a
while now because they always seem to be pro fat acceptance, at the very least
welcoming of the fat community.  I have always wondered what the Thinspo name
was about but while reading the blog from Healthkicker I took a gander at the
profile of the girl that wrote the original blog and she mentioned it in her
profile as well so I was intrigued and did what I always do when I am lost about
recent pop culture…I googled it.

In case you are clueless like I was, ThinSpo is the abbreviation for
Thinspiration, also referred to as pro-ana (short for pro anorexia).  Wikipedia
describes it as, “images or video montages of slim women, often celebrities, who
may be anything from naturally slim to emaciated with
visibly-protruding bones”  I then clicked on the image options for the google
search and this is what I find.

View Image

I am not entirely sure because this girl does not list her age on her profile but in her name the number 13 is included and she would look
to be about that age.  It seems that this fad tends to focus on adolescent girls
and thinspo groups will often help support each other by sharing crash dieting
tips and techniques, competitions with each other on who can lose the most
weight or fasting together as a sign of solidarity, advice on hiding weight loss
from parents and doctors, post their weight, height and measurements along with
details of the diet regimen in order to gain acceptance from their peers and
give advice on how to suppress hunger pangs.

I urge everyone who has an adolescent girl (or even boy because this is not
just a female issue) to pay attention to your kids and their eating habits, this
trend has been growing over the last few years and despite the stance of
Facebook and Yahoo, where there is a will there is a way, these kids will find a
way to have their groups and it is up to responsible parents to take a stand and
guide their children in to right directions.

I wish that someone could tell me how these girls got so misguided, how they
came to dislike themselves so much that they would rather starve then be
healthy, how they came to believe that emaciated is beautiful but I fear that I
will never have the answers that I seek.


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