Somewhere out there (or Adventures in Craigslist)

16 Aug

orig. published 4/2/11

Another Saturday night and I find myself killing time on Craigslist while I
wait on a friend of mine to go to the movies.  I am excited about this night in
particular as this is a friend that I don’t get to spend that much time with
anymore and certainly almost none just the 2 of us, on top of that we are going
to see Insidious which I have been dying to see for weeks now!

I always get a kick out of browsing the personals on Craigslist, most of the
time, even in the categories that are meant for more serious people, you find
nothing but hook-up invitations and honestly alot of them are freaking hilarious
to read.  I take the personals section on Craigslist with a very small grain of
salt, I realize that there are far more women on looking for long term
relationships then men but I still find myself strangely drawn to them.

Right there between an ad for someone looking for help with his laptop that
he seems to have messed up and a black man looking for ms. right was “WOW!!! I

Of course the guy is married but in that split second that I read the title I
had a fast forward flash of everything that I miss about being in a
relationship.  I guess you can guess, passionate kisses was one of them, lol, on
that one I actually remembered the night that my ex and I decided to try again,
of course those were the only times that I got passionate kisses from him.  But,
its far more than the passionate kisses that I miss….

Its having someone to come home to at the end of a long day…

Its someone to go to sleep next to…..

Its someone who will just let me ramble about anything and everything that
has irritated me that day, or week, or month….

Its someone who pretends to be interested when I know that they are

Its someone to wipe the tears away when the depression just gets too much to

Its someone to laugh at me when I forget that I have a brain and say
something silly….

Its a tender touch, a glance, a smirk, a wink…..

Its knowing that I am not alone in the world…..

Its what keeps me coming back to these stupid personal ads all the time even
though I find far more frogs than I ever have princes.

Its what gives me hope and faith to continue looking, knowing that, as cliche
as it sounds, he is somewhere out there wishing on the same bright star.

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