State of the Union – What a Load of Malarky

16 Aug

orig. published 1/26/11

“We may have differences in policy, but we all believe in the rights
enshrined in our Constitution. We may have different
opinions, but we believe in the same promise that says this is a place where you
can make it if you try. We may have different backgrounds, but we believe in the
same dream that says this is a country where anything’s possible. No matter who
you are. No matter where you come from.”
Such inspiring words…such hot air!
Anything is possible if you try my rear end!  If you want to find a place
to cut spending how about welfare and falsified disability claims.  Now, there
is a group of people who don’t TRY anything but how to get more money for doing
nothing.  I know someone who works a full time job making more money than I do
and yet they still receive over $300 a month in Social Security Disability for
being bipolar and if that’s not bad enough their medical is covered by
I know someone else who has bilked the government for an absurded amount of
money in SSI benefits when he is completely able to work he just chooses not
From women who continue to have children in order defraud the government to
the illegal immigrant that usurps more than their fair share of free emergency
room visits we are rapidly reaching pandemic levels and at the rate we are going
we will be following the likes of countries like Ireland sooner rather than
President Obama has called for a spending freeze and even says that they
have frozen the pay of of “hardworking federal employees for the next two years”
but what I want to know is who will freeze the pay of the elected government
officals serving in the House and the Senate?  The average pay for a Congressman
or a Senator is $174,000 a year.  The median household income in 2010 was
$46,326 a year, a difference of over $126,000 a year, seems to me that if the
majority of Americans can live on $46,000 a year so can our elected officials, I
propose that we reduce their income to $50,000/yr and take that remaining
balance and put it to good use somewhere else where it is needed.
Oh, did I forget to mention the President, he makes a whopping $400,000/yr
and that is just salary, it does not include any expense accounts that he may
have for things like travel or entertainment or his personal expense account
or, my personal favorite, the additional expense,
       “Any expense that allows the president to improve any aspect of
himself is taken care of by the annual expense account with an amount of
US$50,000. This means, president Barack Obama can use this amount for the purpose of
personal grooming, clothes shopping, food and nutrition advice, etc. However,
this amount simply accumulates as part of the total pay, because almost every
service is provided free of cost to the president.”
I should only be so lucky to make $400,000 a year and not have to use a
single penny of that money since I have several thousand dollars in random
expense accounts that will cover almost any thing I need, but come to think of
it, no one makes me pay for anything anyways because I am the president of the
united freaking states.  Sounds pretty cush to me!
Want to reform education?  How about we stop teaching standardized tests
and start teaching education!
For most of what I can remember of my childhood I wanted to be a teacher,
it was the one constant thing that I wanted to be when I grew up, but as I got
older and saw what it was really all about I changed my mind.  I didn’t receive
an education growing up, I was taught what I needed to know to pass the TAAS (or
TAKS or whatever they are calling it these days) a test that did little more
than show the state that my teachers where doing their job.  Want a better gage
to determine if a teacher is teaching a child what they need?  How about when we
stop putting emphasis on sports and more on teaching so that when a student
graduates high school we know that they really know what they need to know and
we didn’t just pass them along because the team couldn’t win without them.  How
about we lower class size and focus on allowing the teachers to help mold our
students into productive members of society, lets focus on alternative teaching
methods and discovering how to help a child learn to his full potential.
Oh yeah, and lets stop mollycoddling the illegal immigrants when it comes
to education.  I am all for learning a second language to be competitive in
business but when we have created classes of kindergartners and grade school
children who can not speak English and decide that we will teach them in their
native language because they were not taught English before they went to school
is asinine.  Did you know that in Mexico, if you do not speak Spanish you can
not enroll your child in the public school system?  That’s right folks, true
story, when my cousins moved to Mexico they were not allowed to enroll in public
school until they spoke the language so why are we so freaking worried about
offending someone?  Is whats good for the goose not so good for the gander?  I
say all those extra classes of Spanish speaking only teachers be redistributed
to help reduce the student teacher ratio and help to give more one on one
assistance to help our children learn the things that are important.
I am all for discovering alternative fuel sources and ways to make our
country more dependant on our own resources, its a wonderful idea that should
have been put into place years ago but at the same time it is not something that
will happen over night and so while we need to focus our attention to the future
lets not forget that we have to survive in the present and with gas prices
topping $3.00/gallon in Texas (I am sure that they are much higher in other
places around the country) we need to remember that the average working Joe has
to survive in the mean time.
And as for the major initiative of Obama, heath care reform, well, there is
a catastrophe in the making.  I agree that legislation needs to be enacted to
reduce the number of fraudulent malpractice suites that doctors face, this is a
large portion of the problem, but have you ever noticed, when you go to the
doctor, you pay your co-payment and the balance is sent into insurance who in
turn discounts and pays the agreed upon portion of the bill, but the doctor over
inflates the bill so when it is sent in its such an absurd amount of money that
its no wonder its discounted.
The average office visit can cost $100 or more without insurance and that
is just for the doctor to tell you what is wrong, add any lab work or shots and
the prices goes up, why so much?  Pharmaceuticals are outrageous, I pay $50 a
month, WITH INSURANCE, for a medicine that I have to have to treat depression
and anxiety, a medicine I might add that the pharmaceutical companies know is
additive and without it can cause painful side effects.  Without insurance I
will have to pay $5 a pill, yes, you heard me correctly, $150 a month and I know
there are medicines out there that are far higher.  Why so much?
The more I research the Canadian health care system the more I find I like
it, the more I find it more beneficial to the public and the more I wonder why
we didn’t do this years ago.
Obama says we do big things and he is right about that, we have always been
a nation of big thinkers and big doers but let us not forget that we can fall
big just as easily as we can win big.  He says that our destiny remains our
choice but I beg to differ, as long as we have this bipartisan quarreling going
on in Washington our destiny will never be our choice.  Our government does not
watch out for what is best for the majority, if they did they would work
together instead of working toward lobbyist best interests.  They would
stop passing pieces of legislation riddled with earmarks and pass items with our
country and its citizens best interest in mind.
I am neither Republican or Democrat, I don’t have an extensive knowledge of
the inner workings of any government, let alone ours, I can only go by what I
see and hear and based on that I lost faith in our system of government a long
time ago.  Washington has never had our best interest in mind but Obama was
right about one thing tonight, “And yet, as contentious and frustrating and
messy as our democracy can sometimes be, I know there isn’t a person here who
would trade places with any other nation on Earth”

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