Sweet Southern Comfort

16 Aug

As I get older I find myself reminiscing back to my east Texas days.  Lately
I find myself missing living out in the sticks, there was just something about
living out in the country that I was always drawn to, although I will admit to
being scared shitless when I had to drive through the woods to get home at
midnight after I had just seen The Blair Witch Project but that was a long time
ago.  I found myself listening to a new radio station that I happened across one
day, it barely even comes in here in the city, but I listen anyways, in between
static interference.  It reminds me of the great country radio stations that I
listened to when I was vacationing out at lake fork or when I was driving down
down to Houston through the Piney Woods, hearing the commercials that were so
different from the ones in the city.  Some of my favorite memories are of the
vacation to Lake Fork, sitting on the porch of the cabin reading and enjoying
the peace or going down to my friend Richard’s and fishing out on Cedar Creek
Lake or my friend Mel teaching me how to shoot out by the creek and almost
shooting the wild hog that came up across on the other side, or spending the
weekend out at my friend Barb and John’s (even if it was with my ex who was an
ass) shooting cans on the fence.

I loved going to my ex’s mom’s house, even if I wasn’t comfortable with his
family, I loved going there, driving through the back roads, I loved going to
first Monday (when it wasn’t so freaking hot) or when I worked out in Forney and
there was Grandma’s Chicken or other countless other little hole in the wall
restaurants.  Going to church with my ex’s family and everyone knows

There is just something about living in the country that I love!

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