Term limits = Common Sense

16 Aug

orig. published 6/15/2011

An interesting idea was proposed to me today, is there a way to reign in
politicians in a way that instead of worrying about how their actions will
affect their chances of reelection they are more concerned with what is in the
best interest of their constituents?  This person’s solution is a 5 year term
limit.  Period.  That’s right, 5 years and no reelection.  I’ve pondered this
today and I think this could be a start to the solution this country needs
urgently and here is why…

1.    The current term of four years seems line a good amount of time but
here is the problem, the president is in office for four years but the last 18
months of this term is spent campaigning for reelection.  A year and a half, at
least, that is a long time!  A long time that could be better spent working on
solving critical issues; 18 months that he is distracted working on a massive
undertaking to ensure his parties continued hold on the throne of power for a
few more months.

2.    We are currently working under a two party system, despite the
countless numbers of small grassroots parties that really do little more than
take the swing votes that could determine which of the two major parties will
seize the throne.  I am not a big fan of the party system, instead of focusing
on the urgent issues too much time is wasted squabbling over insignificant
issues.  Rather than waste this time, the five year limit would ensure that the
important issues are the main focus of the leader, there won’t be another term
for him or her to carry over those urgent issues.

3.    How much money do we waste starting a program or a policy in one
administration only to have it dismantled in the next when we switch powers.
This wouldn’t be solved so much by the term limit but would be solved by
limiting the power of the federal government.  The federal government needs only
to have a fraction of the control that it currently has.  There are so many
topics that should be relegated to the states for the ultimate decision.

We have fallen so far behind the rest of the world in terms of so many
things, education, economics, security, it would be in the best interest of this
county to come to its senses and take note from other countries and make ours a
priority again before its too late.


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