The Dating Game

16 Aug

orig. published 2/9/11

When you think about it, dating is simply a series of games we all play to
see what the other will do.  You miss a phone call on purpose to see if they
call back or let you
make the next move, this gives u an idea, some insight
into the kind of person they are. Think about it, how else do u find out if they
are confident or clingy, independent or needy?  We pretend that we are Mary
Homemaker or Mr. Macho in hopes that we will attract that special someone but
are all these games necessary?  Why can’t we just be who we are, I mean, in the
end, when the truth comes out if they really care they will stay anyways and
chances are that regardless of when they find out the truth, in the beginning or
the end, if they are going to leave then they are going to leave, its not going
to matter when show them the real you.

I know that in my experience the biggest game that I have played has been to
pretend to be someone that I am not in order to keep someone, obviously its not
worked all that well.  I have made it my goal this time around upfront, to be
me, to not pretend to be what I am not, not so much because I want to to be any
easier on whoever I am potentially dating but because why waste the time
pretending to be something that I am not, I mean if its not going to work out
why extend the pain, right?

Whether you admit it or not the whole reason for the game is the control that
we all seek when it comes to relationships, In the end you have to decide if
love is really worth the game and who is the better opponent.


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