The Fat Files – The Target Effect

16 Aug

“The devil is a lie”

A line from one of my favorite Madea plays but it seems fitting in this
case.  Just the other day I was shopping at a Target store and while trying on
this sweater I went to the closet mirror to me to check and see how it looked.
Well, as you can see from above it looked fantastic… did the rest of me.
No folks I didn’t become anorexic and drop 100 lbs overnight that picture of me
in the mirror was taken just a few months after the one of me posing in the
mirror at my best friends house.  Why the drastic change?  Well, it seems that
Target must have gotten an awesome deal on old fun house mirrors because I don’t
look any different now then I did in the first picture.  It was sort of
entertaining to me to go around to the various mirrors in the store and see how
different I looked in each of them, around the corner in the accessories
department was a normal mirror and I looked like my normal self.

Does Target think that we are all idiots?  Do they not think that we are
smart enough to realize when we are being pandered to?  Is it not bad enough
that us thick girls get maybe 4 or 5 racks out of an entire department and those
racks are mixed in with the maternity items but that have to assume that we are
all morons and will fall for the oldest trick in the book.

Clothing stores have been doing this sort of thing for ages in one form or
another, either its by providing misleading mirrors or by modifying sizes on the
clothes to make us feel better about our selves so that we will buy more from
their stores.  I think we all know by now how I feel about clothes shopping
after the last blog, “I see Pancho the Tent Maker Works Here” so I will try and
keep this blog more on path.  Clothing manufactures and designers know that a
happy person will spend more, they have known this all along the only problem is
that they were one of the original causes of our low self esteems in the first
place by leaving us out of the picture to begin with.  So low self esteem = no
money spent, so they had to come up with a solution and this was it.

You know, this all could have been avoided if they had not alienated their
customer base by making them all feel like lard asses.  Seriously, I don’t want
to go to a store and be pationized by someone who thinks that they know what is
best for me or what will look right on me, by this time in life I have either
figured it out on my own or I have a gay best friend who will guide me in the
right direction.

Fix the damn mirror Target, quit pretending like we don’t exist and give us
some damn clothes (and don’t do like Walmart and give us ugly Disney t-shirts
and this that will satisfy us) stop acting like we are the red headed step child
and treat us with the respect that we deserve!

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