The Golden Rule

16 Aug

org. published 10/1/10

When did it become acceptable behavior to invade someones privacy?  The other
night I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with my mom over dinner
when I brought up the topic of the boy from Rutgers University who killed
himself because his roommate filmed him having “homosexual relations” with
someone in his dorm room and then broadcast it over the Internet.  I know this
was an undertaking since my mother is an evangelical christian and I know her
views on homosexuality, but I thought that as a christian and more importantly a
human being she would sympathise with this poor kid who was driven to commit
suicide….I guess I was wrong.  Her response was something to the affect of
what did he expect, he is sharing a room with someone and you don’t have privacy
when sharing a room.

Needless to say I was floored, I mean, come on, just because you have a
roommate you are not deserving of some privacy, I mean, I’m sure this kid would
have given his roommate privacy if he was bringing a girl back to the room for
some alone time and it would have been no questions asked.  But because Tyler
Clementi was gay it was OK to ridicule him and not only Tweet about what he was
doing in his dorm room but video tape it and broadcast it over the Internet?
When did we stop taking into consideration that age old Golden Rule?  You remember the
one I am talking about, it goes a little something like “Do unto others as you
would have done unto yourself.”  I know growing up I heard this countless times,
usually given to me as a response from one of my parents when I would tell them
about how the kids at school would tease me because of my weight.  It was good
enough for me right?  So when did we stop teaching this principal to our kids
and start telling them that it is ok to torment someone who is different from

I want to be the one to ask this roommate if he would like me to video tape
him having sex, tweet about it while its going on and then invite classmates to
watch live?  I think the punishment should fit the crime right?  I don’t know
much about the girl who is involved and just how much involvement she had in the
events that led up to Tyler’s suicide but maybe she should be in on it too
right, I mean after all, a human being is dead because you were bored and
thought it might be fun.  You are in college, a prestigious college at that, and
you don’t have anything to do?  I’m sure there is someone there who can find you
something constructive to do besides kill an innocent man and devastate his

And, while we are at it, are there seriously people out there who think that
these two individuals did nothing wrong and should not be charged with a crime?
Suppose the shoe was on the other foot for a moment and it was your son or
daughter (oh, I’m sorry, probably wouldn’t be your daughter because for some
reason in this country we have idolized female homosexuality as hot) that had
been video taped during a very private and intimate moment and then had their
reputation trashed and their lives turned upside down because someone decided to
video tape it and show it to the student body of the school, you would for sure
want some action taken on that, you would want the students responsible for it
to be punished, not only by the school, but you would probably have already
contacted a lawyer about legal options.  Now, on top of that, your young son or
daughter has just killed themselves because now everyone knows their secret, a
secret that is still acceptable in this country to discriminate upon so they
know that their life is never going to be the same again.  You are never going
to be able to talk to your child again, never be able to hug them again, tell
them that you love them again, they have been ripped from you, you
would be seeking justice, you would blame
these other two students as responsible, you would want their
heads on a platter.

When did we lose our compassion in this country? Our sense of moral
responsibility?  Our sense of what is right and wrong, appropriate and
inappropriate behaviour?  When?!?!  This was not responsible
behavior for two adults and they need to be taught the error of their ways so
that someone else does not lose another son or daughter to insipidness.


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