The Rise and Fall of Greed in the Land

16 Aug

orig. published 10/25/10

One of my chief complaints here lately has been about how greedy cable
companies and network executives have been in trying to provide programing to
the public, case in point, News Corp and Cable vision in New York.  They have
been at it for weeks now trying to hash out an agreement to keep Fox programming
on the air, which I might add, has failed miserably since Cable vision customers
in the city have been without Fox programming for weeks now.  And just in case
you didn’t know, News Corp. is the parent company of Fox which provides no only
local channels but also, FX network, any and all Fox sports networks, Fox Movie
Channel, SPEED, and several News Channels.

Now, I know how very irritated I was when I went through this not so long ago
with News Corp and Time Warner, I have never been all that thrilled with Time
Warner to begin with but as my choices are limited to Time Warner or Dish in my
area I had to stick with TWC.  When Fox programming was threatened a few months
back I kicked it into gear, I wrote letters, emails, phone calls all in an
effort to not lose my Fox channels or pay more for the already over priced cable
I now have, luckily for me they were able to iron out an agreement just in the
nick of time but it still caused me no end of irritation.

Now, the government is poised to step in and mediate the situation and while
I feel that the government has enough to worry about without having to babysit
some greedy corporations I am hopeful that we might get some legislation into
play from all this.  But, for what it is worth, here is my solution to the
greediness that is in play at the moment; I pay about $135/ month for cable and
Internet through Time Warner, without the Internet I am looking at between
$90-$100/month just for cable.  The package I have includes 1 DVR box and 2
regular boxes with expanded basic cable and HBO (b/c I am not missing my True
Blood) the problem is that they advertise this insane number of channels in my
package, but really, all it is are the same channels repeated in a higher tier.
I literally have doubles of ever channel, 2 TBS, 2 TNT, 2 of each sports and
news channel, 2 of each children’s channels, you see the pattern here and no,
the 2nd set is not HD channels, they are just the same ones over again, I get a
3rd set in the HD tier, dumb right.  On top of that, most near all of those
channels I don’t even watch, of all of those channels, I say I would probably
watch only between 10-15 on a regular basis and maybe 5-10 more on an
occasional, I am surfing and found something on one of them.  So, why can’t we
just pick the stations that we want and not have to pay for all of the extra
ones, I mean, I don’t really need all the children’s or sports channels, I would
pay for ESPN for like Monday Night Football and I would pay for like Nick and
the N b/c well, I am a little childish sometimes and I still like my cartoons,
but I don’t ever have anyone around to watch like Noggin which is like baby
shows and I have no real need for like Fox Sports or all the other ESPN
channels, I mean, if it was just my mom all she would need is like Food Network,
HGTV, TV Land and local Channels.  If I go through my DVR, the majority of my
recordings are on A&E or TNT.

But beyond the pick and choose option, I just really think that both of these
companies need to get over the greed, I mean, thats what happened to the Auto
Industry and something tells me that the government and the American taxpayer
might not be so quick to help the TV empire.


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