16 Aug

orig. published 6/15/11

Talk about wasteful spending, there is a new statue in town.  A $250,000
bronze statue to honor the history and contributions of the Mexican cowboys
known as Vaquero’s in Ft. Worth, TX.  The city is splitting the cost of this
wonderful new statue with the Vaquero Project Committee that is now being held
up because of a gun. The Vaquero project didn’t want the expensive bronzed
sculpture to include the holstered pistol and bullets in the belt that is in
holding with the historical account of the vaquero dispite the fact that just
blocks away is a similar statue of a cowboy from the old west, complete with
pistol and bullets.

However, I am not so appalled by the reason that the statue is being delayed,
what irritates me is the amount of money being spent on this tribute and the
amount being footed by taxpayers of the town of Ft. Worth.  $125,000 that could
have been spent on more urgent and important issues or for the lack of such
items been saved for an emergency.  $30 million dollars was cut from the school
district budget, that $125K could have saved some jobs.

It never fails to amaze me how our government just wastes money.


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