What Did He Just Say?

16 Aug

Doesn’t it seem like every time that someone shows up in the public eye
protesting something that they just seem to make, not only themselves, but the
entire group around them look like fools?
I know that was certainly the case
with Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell in regards to his
protest of University of Michigan Student Council President Chris Armstrong.  As
I watched the interview that Shirvell gives to Anderson Cooper on CNN my first
thought is, “This guy is an attorney?” Though his speaking ability grew more
coherent during the interview (I certainly would not want someone defending me
who’s every other word during argument was “um”) it is clear that his thought
process did not grow in cohesion.
My next thought was, “Why is this guy even
protesting a student council election?”  I have known a few young attorneys in
my time and it always seemed that they didn’t have much time for anything other
than work so its odd to me that the Assistant Attorney General would have as
much time as it takes to work on such a smear campaign on a college
Seriously?  Are there not more important things in the world that
this man could have picked to become an activist about, what with war and
poverty and famine, disease and crime I would have thought for sure someone in
his position would have no problem finding something to support besides
protesting co-ed dorms and a student council being run by an openly gay
Are we really still here people that we can not grow up and get past
prejudice?  I am all for freedom of speech and expression but there is a limit
and it needs to used with good judgement.  There will always be someone who’s
freedom of speech will offend, that’s the American way, that is why we are
suppose to be the greatest country in the world, but at the end of the day, what
good does it do your cause if everyone thinks you are an idiot. There would have
been no issue, no bad press, no publicity, if Shirvell had simply posted blogs
expressing his displeasure in the agenda of Armstrong, probably no one would
have cared if he had said that he didn’t agree with his homosexuality, post a
picture of Armstrong so that people can have a face to the name, protest on the
grounds of the school, link a facebook page to the blog, write a formal letter
to the college expressing your outrage, these are the normal course of action
for most people who are protesting something, but when you resort to swastikas
and calling someone the “devil’s representative” you don’t really make the
person that you are attacking look bad, you just make yourself look bad.  And
while we are on the topic of making ones self look bad, maybe Shirvell should
think about checking his sources a tad bit better next time since the Gay and
Lesbian Victory Fund has denied funding for the campaign of Chris Armstrong, he
was simply a volunteer there who took some candidate training seminars, and lord
knows after this disaster he should be fully prepared should he decide to become
a politician.
Ones sexual preference or gender identity should not define
them as a human being, what should define them, what should define all of us, is
our ability to show compassion and concern, our ability to love and support and
defend.  At the end of the day, we are all humans, we all deserve the same
respect as the next person.  Things have certainly changed in this country in
the last 100 years, 50 or 60 years ago no one would have ever thought to broach
the topic of co-ed dormitories but now we live in an age where it it not only
acceptable to ask for but to have mixed gender student housing, personally I see
nothing wrong with it, if you don’t want to live mixed, then opt for gender
specific housing, but to some it simply does not matter.  I am always blown away
by the narrow mindedness of certain groups and individuals but never surprised
by them.
As a public figure, Shirvell is held up to a certain level of
responsibility to maintain dignity for his office and yes folks, that means that
what he does on his off time will reflect poorly upon his office during work
time.  No one really understood this concept during the Clinton brewhaha of the
90’s so I certainly don’t expect anyone to fully understand it now, and I am not
saying that its right I am just saying that its is simply the way it is.
Shirvell may have refused to discuss work while on Anderson Cooper but it is
certainly something that would and should affect his employment and I should
really be interested to find out for sure if Shirvell really did do all of this
work after work hours or if in fact some of these actions were carried out on
state time and taxpayer dollars.  If Shirvell is like most of us, and I am sure
he probably is, I’m sure he probably googled or facebook searched Armstrong in
some capacity during work hours and that would be the states out to get rid of
him, which I am sure they are looking for something with as much embarrassment
as he as obviously caused them.
At the end of the day, this is a double edged
sword, as an American citizen Shirvell is entitled to his opinion and his right
to express it but as an adult with a college degree and a prestigious career one
should hope that he would have had more common sense and better judgement than
to go about things the way that he did.  He has certainly limited his future
with this escapade as I should hope that he is not foolish to pursue a public
election in the future for any office.  Personally I think the guy is a moron
and he did nothing for his cause but make himself look like a horses ass but,
then again, that is my opinion and you know what they say about

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