What is Your Favorite Quote and Why?

16 Aug

“If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.”   -John Churton

Secrets are probably the one thing that anyone and everyone can
agree scare them the most, its something that everyone has in common, we all
have a secret.  Some are nothing big, maybe you called in sick last week so you
could go shopping instead, maybe you tell your significant other that you are
going out with your coworkers after work so you can go have dinner with an old
friend instead.  Some though can be life altering and the divulging of these
secrets, in some cases, can cause such pain and anguish that it becomes a life
altering daily task that you undertake just to keep it locked away in the
darkest recesses of your mind.
We think that no one could possibly understand
what it feels like to be who we are, when in fact, more often than not, we would
find out that we have a lot more in common with others that we would have
thought before.
I love this quote, I have ever since I heard it one night
on Criminal Minds, one of my new favorite shows, in fact I have yet to hear a
quote on that show that has not made me stop and think for a second, I like that
kind of interaction.  This particular one reminded me that although I may fear
that I am all alone in this world there is always someone out there that
understands that fear.  It reminds me not to judge b/c you never know what kind
of secrets someone may be trying to forget and it reminds me that I should take
the time to open up about and be proud of who I am b/c very close to me may just
be hiding a secret much darker than my own and my courage may give them the
light they need to find their way out of the dark.  After all, we only have this
one life and it is much too short to live always in fear of what others might
think or say especially knowing that they are harboring their own fears as


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