Well, No Shit Sherlock

22 Aug

I have never taken much stock in “studies”

I mean, what good have they ever done me anyways?  I always walk away more confused than before I had ever heard the outcome.

One day its don’t eat eggs they are bad for you and then the next its ok because the good effects of eating eggs out weighs the negative.  Can we all just get on the same page here folks?

Yet again, our brilliant scientists have “discovered” that if you sit behind a desk all day that you are doing more harm than good to your body.  They claim that if you sit all day that you are more likely doing more harm to your heart and waistline and in fact negating the hour you may have spent at the gym earlier that day.

How are you suppose to get any work done then if you can’t sit at your office?  Why stand up!  That’s right, stand up all day.  They recommend purchasing an adjustable standing desk that allows you to stand up while  you work, short of having access to one of these desks, they say an up turned empty paper box will do the trick, just set your keyboard on top of it and click away.

Some companies have even gone so far as to hire out side corporate wellness advisors to retrain the workforce on healthier alternatives.  Options like walking down the hall to deliver a message instead of emailing it or taking the stairs have helped several employees at the company featured in the story lose a combined 200 pounds.  The owner encourages this “coaching” especially since he just recently had several stints put in his heart.

To these slightly healthier individuals I say Good Work!

To the researchers and the wellness advisors I say, well, no shit Sherlock!

Sure, I will admit that I do not have one of the most active lifestyles there it, something that I am working on correcting, but isn’t it just plain common sense that if you take the stairs instead of the elevator you will have some sort of healthy payoff in the end?  Did this employer really have to waste the money on a “Wellness Coach” to tell everyone something they should have known in the first place?

And in the end, after everyone has bought these adjustable stand up desks and made these adjustments, they still won’t be any healthier than they were before and then we’ll hear the results of the new study that finds standing on your feet for too long causes longterm bone and foot problems, especially if you do so barefoot or standing in a pair of dress shoes for an extended period of time.

It’s not about losing weight or standing up all day or killing yourself to fit into the size that “they” say you should wear.  It’s about being healthy and regardless of if you sit all day at the office or not, if you are not eating healthy and if you are not moving your body then you are not going to be as healthy as you could or should be.

The researchers won’t be happy until they have killed us all trying to tell us how to be more healthy.  To them I say, COME ON.  It’s like a fad diet.  There are millions of them out there and millions of people on them trying to lose weight quick.  Let me tell you a little something that I learned a long time ago.  There is no such thing as a quick fix and anyone who tells you other wise is lying to you and if you believe it you are a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for.

Quit trying to kill yourself to be something that you are not and love who you are, that is the best medicine there is.


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