“SWM ISO No Fat Chicks”

11 Oct

It never fails to amaze me at the shallowness of the human race.  I understand that there needs to be a physical attraction, I get that because there are people out there that reply to my personal ads that I am not attracted to but how can you even attempt to find significant, long-term, supportive love based upon the superficial.

All these people out there claim that they are looking for love and companionship or they are looking for someone to care about them, someone celebrate successes with and to love them even when they fail, someone to be their best friend.  In reality what they are looking for is someone to be arm candy and for sexual gratification.

Pardon me if I sound slightly bitter its just that I get so tired of seeing that dreaded line in every flipping personal ad… no bbw… no fat chicks… hwp…   Just because someone doesn’t fit neatly into this little package doesn’t mean that its wrong.  The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind.

If you find someone who fits every thing that you say you are looking for but they don’t look exactly like you expected that they would, don’t rule them out just yet, you will never know what you are missing out on by not opening your eyes and really seeing what is standing right in front of you.


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