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Support Beauty for All

29 Feb

I know I’ve talked about this before but its been frustrating the hell out of the more than ever in the last couple of months.  Why is it so freaking hard to find cute clothes?

Sure, sure, I don’t have a problem finding clothes to wear anymore, I mean, chances are that there is a Lane Bryant or an Avenue or even as a last-ditch effort, a Wal-Mart, near where ever I happen to be but just being able to find clothes isn’t enough! I want to find CUTE clothes!

By nature, I am a country girl at heart, so I love a good pair of blue jeans and a comfy shirt and sure I can go to Lane Bryant and pick me up a pair of their outrageously priced $70 jeans that fit in all the right places (at least as much as all the right places can be without having them altered by the dry cleaner down the street).  A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans to me.

I want this shirt right here!  And lots of shirts just like this one, different colors, different designs.  Some long sleeve, some short sleeve, some sleeveless.  This is my style.  This particular shirt comes from a division of Panhandle Slim called Rock and Roll Cowgirl; usually you can find these (along with similar brands like Miss Me Jeans, Wrangler, Rock 47 – another Wrangler brand – and Ariat) at a local Sheplers or Cavenders.  I tend to avoid these stores, they depress me.  I can walk into a Sheplers in the best mood, good self-esteem and within five minutes I am ready to commit myself.  I do look at stores like these, in the off-chance that I might be able to pull off the look with something I find at my usual haunts; usually it doesn’t work all that well.

As if it’s not bad enough that they don’t carry “extended sizes” the sizes they do have run way smaller so even if you could normally wear an XL you can’t in these brands.  I am relegated to the men’s department at the Goodwill to find loose button down plaid shirts to wear in an attempt to look country.

What is so wrong with making clothes, ALL CLOTHES, in ALL SIZES?!?!  If I choose to wear something that looks truly horrible on me then that is my choice to do so!  It doesn’t affect anyone any more than say some random skinny girl walking around with her butt hanging out the bottom of her shorts and her midriff showing.  I have enough self-respect (and I speak for most of us fat chicks out there) not to wear something that is going to embarrass me to wear (ie, walking out of the house dressed like Pamela Anderson.)  But I deserve to have the option instead of designers and retailers telling me I have to wear oversized Disney tee shirts and tops that look like they were designed for my grandmother because that’s the only thing they want to see me in.

Well, it’s not the only thing I want to see ME in!  I say we are not going to take it anymore!  It is time to stand up and say we deserve to look beautiful too!  We are not going anywhere people! So get used to it!  I am taking a stand! Join me at and spread the word.  This sort of stuff works all the time for other causes so I believe it can for us to!  Its time to tell fashion that we are not going to swept under the proverbial rug – we deserve to look beautiful too!


Better Late Then Never

29 Feb

It has festered for the last couple of days while I tried to look for a logical way to write this blog.  There isn’t a logical way to write this blog, so I’ll just do it.

Who let Melissa McCarthy out of the house looking like a hot mess?  Does she not have a fag in which to direct her in the ways of fashion?  Surely she didn’t look in the mirror and think to herself, this dress is beautiful….did she?

Sunday night was the Oscar’s and Hollywood’s most beautiful were out in their finery for the occasion, all save the fat chicks!  As is typically the case (at least the case where there are some plus size beauties in the room) the fashion was sub-par to say the least.

I mean, how is it that Miss Piggy always seems to be dressed better than the actual humans on the red carpet?  Oh, Melissa McCarthy, you have disappointed me so!  I’ve seen you in some beautiful designs but this one had to be the worst ever!  I liked the color, I liked the bead work but it looked like you took a bed sheet and some sheer drapes and wrapped them around you like you were going to a frat toga party.

You are a beautiful woman, an inspiration to the fat masses!  Yet this Oscar disaster dress makes me scared to see what kind of fashions you really will be designing for your own clothing line!

Word of advice for next time! Melissa – call your gay first honey!