Better Late Then Never

29 Feb

It has festered for the last couple of days while I tried to look for a logical way to write this blog.  There isn’t a logical way to write this blog, so I’ll just do it.

Who let Melissa McCarthy out of the house looking like a hot mess?  Does she not have a fag in which to direct her in the ways of fashion?  Surely she didn’t look in the mirror and think to herself, this dress is beautiful….did she?

Sunday night was the Oscar’s and Hollywood’s most beautiful were out in their finery for the occasion, all save the fat chicks!  As is typically the case (at least the case where there are some plus size beauties in the room) the fashion was sub-par to say the least.

I mean, how is it that Miss Piggy always seems to be dressed better than the actual humans on the red carpet?  Oh, Melissa McCarthy, you have disappointed me so!  I’ve seen you in some beautiful designs but this one had to be the worst ever!  I liked the color, I liked the bead work but it looked like you took a bed sheet and some sheer drapes and wrapped them around you like you were going to a frat toga party.

You are a beautiful woman, an inspiration to the fat masses!  Yet this Oscar disaster dress makes me scared to see what kind of fashions you really will be designing for your own clothing line!

Word of advice for next time! Melissa – call your gay first honey!


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