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You Say You Want a Revolution…

1 Mar

I am so sick of having the word epidemic shoved down my throat!  Who decided what an epidemic is anyways?  And who decided that the word epidemic should have such a negative connotation?  These days it seems like everything is an epidemic.  Personally I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill!

In the news recently there has been an insurgence of words like “fatshaming” and our favorite, “epidemic”.  It’s enough to make me want to pull my hair!  Why can’t we just all get along?  What is so wrong with everyone just minding their own beeswax and leaving everyone else alone?

Oh, Disney, you seem to be the latest to jump on the epidemic bandwagon.  “Habit Heros”? Really!  What happened to the days when a kid could come to the Magic Kingdom and ride the tea cups and play with the Mad Hatter and be a kid for pity sake?  When did it become necessary that there be a lesson behind everything that we do?  You just couldn’t leave well enough alone could you?  Riddle me this?  Why is it that all your villains are fat?  Snacker, and Glutton and Lead Bottom?  Really?  Way to tell our kids that fat equals evil and a villain.  You couldn’t throw in a mixture of sizes could you?  Would it have been so horrible to not single out one group in particular?

I guess so.

Listen up kids!  There is nothing wrong with you!  You are perfect just as God made you and if and when He decided to change the way you look there still will be nothing wrong with you.  You are loved and cherished just as you are and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.



1 Mar

I’ve made some mistakes in my past, especially when it comes to my finances but I never followed in the footsteps of my peers.  I’ve never had a credit card, no credit card debt, I’ve never had a foreclosure or a repo’s, never defaulted on a loan.  Sure I’ve got a couple of past due (several years, already written off past due) utility and cell phone bills in my name but that’s it.  I’ve also got four years of consistent employment and four years of paying on a car loan that I’ve never been late on or missed a payment.

None of that means nothing!

Can you feel the bitterness seeping through the screen yet?  I thought so.  I’ve been trying to buy a new car….it’s not going so well.

I’ve been upfront from the get go.  I currently have an 05 Dodge Neon, its been a good car to me, not given me too many headaches but it’s getting up there in mileage and lets face it, it’s really too small for me and what I need it for.  I got taken the first time around, an $8000 car has ended up costing me almost $12000, got stuck with a 20% interest rate (that was after I put $3000 down to just buy down the percentage points to the 20%).  I’ve got almost a year left to pay on this car and I’m finding out that someone lied to me and it’s not making for a happy me.

I was told, by the greedy salesman, that after paying on this car for a year that my credit would improve significantly and that by the time I was ready to trade it my APR would be significantly better also.

Ok, it is true that my credit score has come up, but it has taken it four years for it to come up to what he was telling me it would do in the first year.   And yes, my APR is better than what it was but I wouldn’t exactly call 16 or 17% that much of an improvement.

Two dealerships now have told me basically the same thing.  The kind of car I am looking at (think something along the size of a Ford Edge or a Chevy Traverse or a Kia Sorrento) with nothing down (because, lets face it – who has $2000 or $3000 to put down on a car these days) and they will pay all but $1000 of my trade puts me in the $450 – $500/month payment range and that is WAAAAYYY more than I want to pay a month.  (Can I afford it? Sure but whats the point of having a car if you can’t afford to go anywhere in it?)

So my option?  To basically trade up to a newer version of what I have.  That pisses me off!  I’m a big girl and my boyfriend is 6’4 – we basically sit on top of each other in the car I have now and if we go somewhere with mom then not only am I sitting on top of him but now I’m sitting on top of the dash too because mom has to have her oxygen tank with her at all times and that thing takes up more room than you would think.

I guess what frustrates me so much is that the only debt I have is my car payment, I own my home (inherited of course) and the four years of good payment history and steady employment seem to count for nothing.  I’m not asking for a Cadillac or an Audi or Mercedes, just a good reliable crossover/SUV sized vehicle with low miles and a payment I can feel comfortable with (about $350 a month).

I see lots of people out there who live in trashy apartments in ghetto neighborhoods who I know can’t be making any more than I am and yet they are driving BRAND NEW Escalades and Mercedes and BMW full size SUV’s.  How are they doing it?  How do they get approved and yet I can’t?

I guess if you aren’t working the system then you can’t be one of the fortunate ones.  So much for honest hard work paying off in the end!