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Didn’t your grandmother ever tell you?

14 Sep

By now, most people have already seen the video of Officer Gene Geheb from Keene Texas pulling 77 year old Lynn Bedford from her SUV three weeks ago (for those of you who haven’t, here is the link).  Briefly, Officer Geheb pulled Bedford over for going 66 mph in a 50 mph zone, as he approaches the car he begins to tell her why he pulled her over and ask for her license and insurance, all pretty standard stuff, however, Mrs. Bedford is more than impatient with the officer and interrupts him before he can even finish his opening spiel with “OK….alright….let’s hurry this up I’ve got to go to the bathroom, I’ve got a bladder infection”.  As the confrontation continues, the officer asks her several times for her license and insurance all the while Mrs. Bedford is argumentative and insistent that the officer listen to her before she complies with any of his request, at one point he tells her that if she doesn’t show him her license he is going to “take her to jail” to which she replies, “well, go ahead”.  He then proceeds to pull her from her vehicle, after repeatedly asking her to step out of the vehicle and repeatedly being ignored, and hand cuffs her and sits her in the back of the squad car.

It seems that Mrs. Bedford’s granddaughter has gotten involved and wants to see the officer receive anger management training.  Aubrey McQue has hired a civil rights attorney asserting that her grandmothers civil rights were violated when Officer Geheb failed to listen to what she had to say.  McQue claims that she isn’t planning on suing the city…. yet.

I am flabbergasted at the whole situation!  Needless to say both parties could have handled things much better than they did but after watching the video several times I am more inclined to side with the cop in this case.  I don’t have much sympathy for the grandmother who, in my opinion, had an air of superiority to her when she looks at Officer Geheb and tells him she will give him her license “when she is ready” and then arrogantly provokes him to arrest her and then looks at him stunned when he takes her by the arm and tries to remove her from the car.  I am even less sympathetic when she is surprised to learn that the officer had the whole thing on video as she tries, from the back of the squad car, to play it off like the officer was in the wrong, playing dumb by telling him that she didn’t tell him to arrest her and that he grabbed both of her arms when trying to get her out of the car when he clearly has it on video other wise.

I also feel like Officer Geheb could have handled things a little better once it came to the point that he knew he was going to have to arrest her.  You can hear the officer call for back up as he is trying to remove Mrs. Bedford from the car.  Again, in my opinion, when he took her by the arm and tried to remove her from the car and she refused to move, he should have taken a step back, called for back up and waited until it arrived before proceeding.

Now, with all this said, I have seen many, many comments on news stories from people siding with the cop and siding with the grandma, most of the people siding with the grandma in this case have stated that because of her age she should have been treated more patiently and compassionately then she was.  To this I say, phooey!  You are operating a motor vehicle and have the ability to kill people with said motor vehicle, she was speeding so she was already showing disregard to human life by speeding, if she really needed to go to the bathroom stop at any of the gas station/grocery store/McDonald’s bathrooms along the road and use it, still no excuse for speeding.  Patience?  We all know what is expected of us when we are pulled over by a cop, its not a surprise to be asked for your license.  Go ahead and start getting it ready while you are waiting for the cop to come to the car so you can just hand it to him, or as you are getting it out for him once he has come to the door, tell him, look I really need to go pee, I’ve got a bladder infection, can I give you this and you follow me to (name spot near by) so I can use the restroom?


Patience, you say.  Patience is what got HP Trooper Randall Vetter killed in August of 2000 by none other than one of the elderly you seek to find patience for.  72 year old Melvin Hale of Kyle Texas was pulled over for a seat belt violation when Mr. Hale pulled a semi automatic rifle from under the seat of his vehicle and shot several rounds, hitting Trooper Vetter in the head and killing him.  You never know from car to car if this may be your last so you have to treat each situation the same regardless of age or gender because you never know who has a shot gun under the seat of their car.

Back to Mrs. Bedford.  The city administrator, an old family friend of the Bedford’s, arranged a meeting with Mrs. Bedford and the Chief of police until Mrs. Bedford’s granddaughter, Aubrey McQue, stepped in, retaining an attorney and canceling the meeting.  After seeing Mrs. Bedford’s behavior with the officer it is small wonder that her granddaughter would step in seeing potential money signs with a possible lawsuit against the city.  This, my friends, is what is wrong with America today.  No body wants to take responsibility for their actions and they all want someone to pay them for some injustice they feel they’ve been subject to.

My mother used to always say, “Jennifer, you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar”  This is one old adage that Mrs. Bedford should have heeded.