Stress or Ego?

26 Nov

Did you know that stress makes you cheat?

I didn’t either till I read a story on yahoo this morning about Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair and his alleged sexual misconduct, including several affairs with woman, none of whom were his wife, Rebecca.  But after all of the allegations leveled at her husband she defends him and says that he is not alone.

If you were to listen to Mrs. Sinclair she would have you believe that military infidelity is rampant and as common place as going to the store.  While it is true that adultery is prevalent in the military I would beg to argue that it’s no more common than it is in civilian life.  On top of that I would argue that there is no justification for someone to cheat.

If the stress of deployment and being away from your family for long periods of time is so much that you feel the need to fool around then there is a deeper underlying issue there that needs to be addressed, other wise how do you explain the thousands upon thousands of our soldiers who don’t cheat while away from their families?

I suspect this is more of an ego trip issue than it was a loneliness issue.  Would it have been too much to accept that Brig. Gen. Sinclair let his position get the better of him as is often the case of people who stray.  Here you have a man who commands the 82nd Airborne, an elite fighting squadron, in a high-ranking position in the US Army and, dare I say it, probably got a case of the “I’m invincible’s”.

The Sinclair’s have been through five deployments to the mid east since the September 11 attacks spending six of the past 11 years away from each other.  While I agree that is a long time to go without seeing your family for any length of time one could say that Mrs. Sinclair went through that same process of being away from her husband yet she remained faithful to her man.

Mrs. Sinclair says that this is something that she needs to talk about “because it is not an isolated case” and while I agree that infidelity is a thorn in the side of monogamy I don’t feel that there is any indication that the stress from being separated from your family for long periods of time is any justification for or any indicator that someone will be unfaithful.  I think we need to look at the deeper issue at hand to find the solution, if there is one, to this quandary.

So why do you think anyone cheats?


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