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I Think He’s Talking About a Stripper, but Maybe its His Next Baby Momma

5 Jan

Just when I thought that maybe I might run out of things to write about this morning I simply had to click on yahoo to find the newest level of stupidity.  Now, I don’t think of myself as any more racist than anyone else (lets face it, if we are honest with ourselves we are all a little racist to some degree or another and not just toward the usual suspects either) but even I have to think that maybe, just maybe this bunch is asking for it.

all my baby mommasOxygen Network has picked up for its spring line up an epic failure of a TV show but not for the reasons that some are arguing.  “All My Babies’ Mamas” follows Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker (of “Shake That Laffy Taffy” fame), a 36-year-old Atlanta-based rapper who happens to be the father of 11 children (yes, you read that right) by 10 different women. Think Real World meets Honey Boo Boo meets the Real Housewives and you might have a pretty good idea of where this show is going.

When you watch the pilot preview on YouTube you are introduced to the Baby Mama’s, all of who have been given nicknames (my favorite is the Fighter Baby Mama, least favorite is the Baby Mama from Hell) it would appear that they all at some point or another and at various times live in the 10,000+ sq.ft. Atlanta mansion with all the young’uns….. oh, yeah, and Shawty Lo’s 19 year old girlfriend (did I mention that 4 of his children are the same age as his current girlfriend?)  The show follows the daily lives and how they all interact and get along (or I am willing to bet not get along) with one another.

Now, as I would have suspected there is a petition to have this show pulled from the spring line up.  Started by Sabrina Lamb, a best-selling author, she contends that the show would exploit the pain of these children and it promotes a toxic situation to its young, impressionable female audience.  As of Friday she has received over 13,000 signatures but it would seem that the network is throwing caution to the wind on this one and to date there is no plan to pull the show.

Several prominent African-Americans have spoken out against the show comparing it to slavery and that it advocates a culture of ignorance.  Lamb is quoted as saying, “You’ve got a network with international reach telling a young female audience it’s okay to have unprotected sex, that other women are enemies, that they’re not valued by men, that their financial sustenance should come from a man, and that babies are just spectators in all of this.”  Yet I contend that this show is not the cause of this mentality.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the show is outrageous and should be pulled but not because it promotes a mentality of promiscuity but because it’s just stupid.  People like Lamb shouldn’t be outraged that this is a TV show but instead outraged that this is real life.  Sure, keeping this show off the air is a small victory and a step in the right direction but there is far too little public outcry and almost no calls to action to correct the behavior that has led to shows like this.  Shows like this don’t stereotype people, they are made because the stereotype already exists, these stereotypes are what makes these TV shows.

Most of my generation lives on this kind of television, the mindless dribble of a “reality” show that is more scripted than most sit-coms and while yes, I have been known to get caught up in the hilarity of The Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty fame I am probably one of the very few 30-something women who have never seen an episode of the Kardashian’s or Meet Honey Boo Boo.  The few times that I watched a Real Housewives of wherever I have walked away dumber than when I started.  My problem here is that this baby mama drama mentality has been around for such a long time that it is almost a status symbol to some of the Shawty Lo gang and deluding yourself into thinking that by pulling this show you are some how going to improve the maturity of an entire culture you are probably dumber than I was after watching an episode of Bad Girls Club.

If you really want to effect some change you need to get to the root of the problem.  I have said this all along, not just about the black community but about the world in general.  To find the root of the problem you need to start asking such questions as when certain behaviors became acceptable, the problems is that you are hard pressed to find someone these days who doesn’t realize that these behaviors shouldn’t be acceptable simply because that is how they were raised and it is all they know.  I don’t think shows like this glamorize this kind of life style since it has already been glamorized, how else do you explain the 10 women who have Shawty Lo’s children?  I have to believe this other wise I might lose all faith in common sense and basic human decency.

It boils down to this, we, as an entire nation, have failed to raise our children.  We stopped teaching them morals and manners and have instead left them to occupy themselves with television and video games.  Young girls don’t value themselves anymore and boys have lost that strong male role model in their lives, the two things that I think form the foundation of society.  When this foundation was lost everything else began to crumble around it.

People, teach your children, show them right from wrong, encourage them and help them become strong, responsible, productive members of society.  This is the first step in the long recovery of our sense of pride that we lost a long time ago.


Of Man and Fish

5 Jan

Here is a little known factoid about me….. I like to fish.

That’s right, I’m a little more country than most of you probably suspected.  I enjoy the peace and quiet that you get when you are sitting on the shore or in a hidden little cove with a bobber floating on the surface of a glass like pond or lake.  Some of the best times I have had in the last year or so have been those precious few mild afternoons after work when me and my honey would sneak away to the lake and, even if I decided I didn’t want to fish, I could enjoy the warm breeze blowing through my hair while I enjoyed a good book and the easy banter with the fellow fisherman on the dock as we bid our time waiting on “the big one.”

As I speak, my boyfriend is at a honey hole, probably drowning some bait, but hopefully catching some crappie.  At any given time, if you look close enough, you are likely to spot an angler; we all have our secret spots, those places where we know we are almost guaranteed to catch a fish.  Some of those places just happen to be posted no fishing… and that is the problem.  Near where we live (and not far from where I sit at this moment writing this rant) is some of the nicest fishing to be had, unfortunately its illegal to fishno fishing there.

Las Colinas, Texas, a little hamlet of the city of Irving, where there are boutiques and upscale apartment homes.  Home of the Four Seasons resort and country club and several Fortune 500 companies, it was one of the first “planned” communities in the country.  It is also home to a sprawling network of cobblestone lined European canals that intertwine though the city.  Brides flock to this hidden gem for dazzling portraits and where if you watch for it you are likely to see a gondola float by, quite possibly with some nervous man preparing to pop the question to his lady-love.

There is also some awesome fishing to be found in these little nooks and crannies.  On a recent spur of the moment late summer fishing expedition, while fishing under a stone waterfall a friend of ours caught a beautiful 15 pound catfish (the story with this fish is a point of contention for me as we had been fishing for more than 2 hours with no bite on our lines and had finally given up and were packing up for the night when he dropped his line in the same spot I had been right under the falls and as soon as his hook hit the water he snagged that little beauty, so technically that was my fish, but I digress.)

My boyfriend is full of stories of him and his friends fishing these canals and catching some monster fish, if, of course, you know where to go.  However, this expansive network of canals are all marked “no fishing”.  It makes no sense to me since the city stocked these canals with fish.  Why go to the trouble of stocking the water if you are not going to allow fishing there.  It’s not just Las Colinas that I find this problem, across the DFW metroplex there are tiny ponds and water holes that hold these behemoth fish that have been allowed to grow to gigantic proportions and some of these best little fishing spots are marked no fishing.  Now, I can understand if it is private property, farmer Joe doesn’t want someone trespassing on his land and getting hurt and it being his fault but on city or government-owned “public” land it boggles my mind why anyone would deny you the right to fish.  I don’t know, maybe that is part of the mystique to it is that you are not supposed to be in these places that just seem to make the fishing that much better but it would seem to me that as long as I am being polite, cleaning up after myself and not disturbing the peace, there should be no logical reason for me not to be able to fish on public/government land, especially for someone like me who is typically a catch and release kind of angler.

I have searched and asked Google to the point that Google has started to roll its eyes at me every time I ask but have never found an answer to my query, so I pose it to you, my followers, that maybe you can enlighten me.  Why are we restricted from fishing in relatively public places?

I Don’t Think We Are In Kansas Anymore, Toto

2 Jan

I hate New Years Day!

new_years_resolution_lose_weightI vehemently detest this day and all that it stands for, namely resolutions.

I made a resolution to myself a long time ago (and honestly it’s the only resolution that I have ever kept) to stop making resolutions, in particular the one that everyone seems to make this time of year, to lose weight.

It’s so tiring, this time of year.  You cringe when you turn on the television; it seems like every other ad you see is for a weight loss program of some sort.  My least favorite is the Xenedrine ads with the half-naked, oiled up Pussy Cat Dolls wanna bes dancing around a giant box of the weight loss pills.  My favorite (If there can be such a thing) is the Special K ads.

This year the Special K ads have taken a more positive approach; rather than the eat a bowl every day for 2 weeks and loose a dress size ads of the past they have been prompting us with a what we will gain by loosing approach.  By using words such as confidence, sass, happiness, joy, peace they hope to inspire women to think positively.gain project  If you visit the website for the Gain Project they display all of these “Women who think positive” ism’s that are all tied into weight loss, so really this really cool thing that they are trying to do by inspiring women to think positively is just a hidden guise to encourage us to lose weight.

What drives me nuts is that the Gain Project website is riddled with hundreds of women and what they think they will gain when they lose weight.

“Confidence and swagger”

“Leaving the lights on”

“a life”

“feeling good about myself”

“I want to feel and look beautiful”

All of these quotes, perceivably by real women, and none of them seem to realize that they all have the ability to be all of these things and more already inside of them and they don’t need to lose weight to find it.  It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz when the Glenda the good Witch tells Dorothy that she had the ability to go home the whole time she just needed to believe in herself first.

I was really hopeful that maybe this would be a step in the right direction, that maybe this would be like the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and that maybe just once I wouldn’t have to dread New Year’s Day anymore because finally someone is beginning to realize that beauty and confidence shouldn’t be tied to the number on the scale.