I Don’t Think We Are In Kansas Anymore, Toto

2 Jan

I hate New Years Day!

new_years_resolution_lose_weightI vehemently detest this day and all that it stands for, namely resolutions.

I made a resolution to myself a long time ago (and honestly it’s the only resolution that I have ever kept) to stop making resolutions, in particular the one that everyone seems to make this time of year, to lose weight.

It’s so tiring, this time of year.  You cringe when you turn on the television; it seems like every other ad you see is for a weight loss program of some sort.  My least favorite is the Xenedrine ads with the half-naked, oiled up Pussy Cat Dolls wanna bes dancing around a giant box of the weight loss pills.  My favorite (If there can be such a thing) is the Special K ads.

This year the Special K ads have taken a more positive approach; rather than the eat a bowl every day for 2 weeks and loose a dress size ads of the past they have been prompting us with a what we will gain by loosing approach.  By using words such as confidence, sass, happiness, joy, peace they hope to inspire women to think positively.gain project  If you visit the website for the Gain Project they display all of these “Women who think positive” ism’s that are all tied into weight loss, so really this really cool thing that they are trying to do by inspiring women to think positively is just a hidden guise to encourage us to lose weight.

What drives me nuts is that the Gain Project website is riddled with hundreds of women and what they think they will gain when they lose weight.

“Confidence and swagger”

“Leaving the lights on”

“a life”

“feeling good about myself”

“I want to feel and look beautiful”

All of these quotes, perceivably by real women, and none of them seem to realize that they all have the ability to be all of these things and more already inside of them and they don’t need to lose weight to find it.  It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz when the Glenda the good Witch tells Dorothy that she had the ability to go home the whole time she just needed to believe in herself first.

I was really hopeful that maybe this would be a step in the right direction, that maybe this would be like the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and that maybe just once I wouldn’t have to dread New Year’s Day anymore because finally someone is beginning to realize that beauty and confidence shouldn’t be tied to the number on the scale.


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